Prof John Windsor


Professor John Windsor is a surgeon who holds a personal chair in Surgery at the University of Auckland and is Consultant Surgeon in the HBP/Upper GI Unit at Auckland City Hospital.


1977 University of Otago, Physiology and Biochemistry BSc
1982 University of Auckland, Medicine and Surgery MBChB
1984 University of Auckland, Obstetrics and Gynaecology DipObst
1989 University of Auckland, Surgery MD
1990 Royal Australasian College of Surgeons FRACS
1999 American College of Surgeons FACS



Following training in General Surgery in New Zealand, there were Fellowships in HBP/Upper GI, Vascular and Colorectal Surgery during a 2-year period in Edinburgh, Scotland. Returning to NZ in 1992 he established a specialty practice in HBP and Upper GI Surgery, setting up the first HBP/Upper GI Unit in NZ in 1994. His surgical interests include laparoscopic surgery, pancreatic disease and gastro-oesophageal disease.


Research has been an integral aspect of his career, since completing a doctorate in the area of malnutrition and surgical risk. On return to NZ he established the Pancreas Research Group that has continued to grow, now being encompassed by the Surgical Research Network which itself has two divisions: the Applied Surgery and Metabolism Laboratory and the Surgical Centre for Outcomes Research and Evaluation. This arrangement promotes translational research, with strong basic scientific and clinical research programs. These have been successful with over 250 peer-reviewed publications made possible by funding from many sources. The research has been well received with almost 200 invited talks, including Visiting Professorships to Harvard, Oxford, Karolinska, Singapore, Capetown, Johannesburg and Delhi.

Current research includes

  • The role of toxic mesenteric lymph in the promotion of multiple organ failure,
  • The investigation of specific mitochondrial therapies to restore cellular bioenergetics,
  • The determinants based classification of acute pancreatitis severity,
  • The mapping and modulation of gastric electrical activity and
  • The development of medical devices.


The laparoscopic revolution created significant demands on traditional training methods. To address this he established the first training facility in NZ, the Surgical Skills Centre in 1993. By 2007 a purpose built facility was built at Mercy Hospital, the Advanced Clinical Skills Centre, which provides multi-disciplinary skills training. The lessons learnt and an awareness of limitation current simulation training resulted in the development of ‘integrated cognitive simulation’ and the founding of Go Virtual Medical Ltd. After graduating from the IceHouse business incubator, the company was rebranded SIMTICS Ltd ( and has grown to have a global reach. John is a board director and educational advisor.

In the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons he has helped introduce new courses, including the Critical Literature Evaluation and Research, Surgeons as Teachers and Developing a Career in Academic Surgery. He has recently completed a 5 year term as chairperson of the Section of Academic Surgery and was a foundation member of the Academy of Surgical Educators.


  • Secretary General, International HPB Association (2008-2011)
  • Council member, International Pancreas Association (2006-2012)
  • Chairman, Section of Academic Surgery, RACS (2007-2012)
  • Convenor, RACS Annual Scientific Congress (2013)
  • Chairperson of the National HPB/Upper GI Tumour Stream (2013)


  • Honorary Fellow of the American Surgical Association (2012)
  • Honorary Member of the James IV Association of Surgeons (2013)


  • Associate Editor, World Journal of Surgery
  • Associate Editor, Pancreatology
  • Editorial Board, British Journal of Surgery
  • Editorial Board, ANZ Journal of Surgery
  • International Advisory Board, Schwartz Textbook of Surgery


  • Sir Louis Barnett Prize, RACS (1987)
  • Chiene Medal, School of Surgery, University of Edinburgh (1992)
  • Butland Distinguished Medical Sciences Award (1997)
  • Distinguished Teaching Award, University of Auckland (1998)
  • Sir Gordon Bell Memorial Lecturer, RACS (2008)
  • Butland Award for Excellence in Research Supervision, UOA (2009)
  • Ramsey Healthcare Distinguished Visitor in Education, RACS (2009)
  • Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award (Innovation), UOA (2009)
  • Lucknow Orator, Indian Association of Surgical Gastroenterology (2010)
  • British Journal of Surgery Distinguished Lecturer, RACS (2011)
  • Michael and Janie Miller Visiting Professor, Johannesburg (2012)
  • Jepson Lecturer, Surgical Research Society of Australasia (2012)
  • Gluckman Medal for distinguished contribution to research, UOA (2012)
  • Trans-Tasman Lecturer, Australasian Gastroenterology Week (2013)


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